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Roger Bassin MD Testimonials

Hear what people are saying about Dr Roger Bassin


“My experience was wonderful. It was very easy. The staff and Dr. Bassin were great. I have been coming to Dr. Bassin for years. He listens and understands what you are trying to achieve, and puts your concerns at ease. I have had great results with my fat transfer to my nasal labial folds and my liposuction. I absolutely LOVE my results! Dr. Bassin is a great Dr!”

Debra Graves


“I am rating Roger Bassin after a recent surgery. The cosmetic surgery was related to excess belly and arm fat. I am very busy working in the behind the scene’s camera stuff for a local network affiliate . But that said I still like to look good. I should be retired but I love my job. I try to keep up my appearance . The Dr. Bassin took a special interest in my case and worked with me even when I had to reschedule 3 times. The arms are looking way better the lipo has motivated me to work out more.I would recommend Roger Bassin to anyone . I am a real patient and can be contacted if you wish.”

Clara Sims


“The office was clean and the staff fine. The doctor was a little busy the first visit. I did proceed with the procedure and I am very pleased I did . I woke up today looked in the mirror and I look great. I just had to write a review I feel better now I look better.”

Harper Gordon


“My neck and lower jaw had a lot of sagging skin that was very noticeable to me and I didn’t like it. Now, my neck is wonderful and I am very pleased with my QuickLift! Everyone at Dr. Bassin’s office was wonderful. They were supportive and prompt. Anytime I had a question they answered it right away and I didn’t have to wait. If they didn’t know the answer they found out and called me back promptly unlike some places where you ask a question and never hear back from them. They were all just amazing; my results are amazing. I will definitely be back to have more work done once my finances allow.”

Rhonda Hudson


“Dr. Bassin is a fantastic surgeon with great bedside manner. He cares about his patients and does whatever it takes to make sure you are pleased. He absolutely wants all of his patients to be happy. Before having work done with Dr. Bassin I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I had saggy eyelids, and jowels that concerned me. Fortunately, after the healing process and Dr. Bassin’s work I feel much better about myself. I love the way I look and it was all worth it! Thank you Dr. Bassin!!”

June Jordan


“This was my first surgery I’ve ever had and needless to say I was very nervous. Dr. Bassin made me feel very comfortable. Actually, everyone at his office made me feel very comfortable. He had music playing which was really calming and I appreciated that. I have no complaints about my procedure what so ever and would do it again in a heartbeat, even though I’m a slow healer. It is still well worth it! After the first day under my eyes looked really good and I now feel much more confident. I don’t see the saggy eyes when I look in the mirror anymore.”

Phyllis Harrison


“My recovery after my procedure went very well. I just had a little discomfort but no real pain. I didn’t take anything other that Extra Strength Tylenol. The best part is that nobody really notices that I’ve had anything done, which is a compliment to Dr. Bassin! My husband says it took 20 years off. I feel it makes me look better, and obviously it makes me feel better. I am a jewelry artist and now feel confident wearing my necklaces again.”

Elsie Green


“I felt like I was in excellent hands with Dr. Bassin. He was very nurturing, caring, and I didn’t have any problems at all. Everything was just wonderful. I had a visual field test done at Brevard Eye that confirmed I had no peripheral vision at all and needed to have my eyes done. There was very little pain afterwards and everything he said was true. When I talk about it amongst my friends today, they ask me who did my procedure, and tell me it looks fantastic. My husband has major eye concerns and is now going to have it corrected with Dr. Bassin too. We couldn’t feel more comfortable, and I would recommend Dr. Bassin to anyone!”

Zoey Jensen


“After attending several of Dr. Bassin’s seminars, meeting with other plastic surgeons, and then having a consultation with Dr. Bassin himself, I felt that he was much more qualified and informed than the other doctors I met with. The most important thing I wanted to change was my upper and lower eyelids. I didn’t like looking in the mirror as it really bothered me. I tried body contours, laser treatments, creams, facials, and everything I knew; it just didn’t get better, and make-up didn’t cover it up.”

Kathryn Patterson